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Gleamy Telescoping Heating Voice Vibration Masturbation Cup

Gleamy Telescoping Heating Voice Vibration Masturbation Cup

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  • Colorful lights, meet your special sex addiction.
  • Showcase window, satisfy your curiosity.
  • 5-frequency sucking, 10-speed telescoping and vibration, more intimate dick care than your girlfriend.
  • Automatic heating when powered on, enjoy the real hot insertion.
  • Inviting female groans, enhance psychological pleasure.
  • USB charging, the best travel companion.



Enrich your solo plays by adding shiny colorful lights. Once the start switch is pressed, the built-in lighting control accessories will be activated, making the plaything itself emit a soft light through the window. The colorful light flickers, creating an ambiguous atmosphere. The three functions of 5-frequency sucking, 10-speed telescoping and vibration cooperate with each other to drive the dense spikes inside the sleeve to squeeze, rub, and kiss your bro at the frequency you choose. It is more intimate than your girlfriend! Brilliantly, the heating system is also available, which will begin to work as long as the toy is powered on. This will undoubtedly bring pleasure to the next level. Humanely, you can choose to have fun with or without the female groans, by manipulating the voice button. Similarly, the other three main functions (sucking, telescoping, vibration) are also equipped with separate control buttons to help you get rid of complicated operations. Of course it will be your perfect travel companion, as it is USB chargeable.


Product size: 3.7 x 11.8”

Insertable length: 4.3”

Weight: 1.94 lb

Material: ABS+PC


Package included:
1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable

1 x earphone


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